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a team of highly qualified engineers, finds solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations at your sites - office buildings, industrial premises, restaurants (cafes, bars, restaurants), hotels, residential buildings (underground garages, domestic ventilation, etc.), halls , workshops, pools, etc.



Air conditioners and ventilation Ltd., has its own base and modern equipment for the production of elements and complete construction of ventilation systems.

Construction and installation

Highly qualified installation teams are available to carry out every single HVAC project and installation.


Service and maintenance

A team of professionals takes care of the warranty and out-of-warranty technical support of HVAC systems and installations in the most correct way,
fully complying with the requirements and needs of the client.



The company offers secondary design of HVAC parts for your office buildings, industrial premises, restaurants, hotels, residential buildings, sheds, workshops, swimming pools, etc.
The main goal of reengineering in the field of HVAC installations is to improve their efficiency and optimize the investment in the site by offering optimal engineering-technological and high-efficiency solutions that satisfy the customer in terms of energy and price.


Air conditioning

Air conditioners and ventilation Ltd. offers services related to the air conditioning of domestic and industrial premises, office buildings, workshops, etc. A team of specialists consults each client on what would be the most suitable equipment for the given site or project, with the goal being to find the most satisfactory solution in financial terms, as this does not violate the necessary efficiency of the air conditioning system. In addition to consulting according to the client's needs, Air Conditioners and Ventilation EOOD offers installation, service and maintenance of the selected equipment, thus providing a complete service related to the air conditioning of your projects and objects.



Air conditioners and ventilation Ltd. is a company that has gained practical experience in the field of building heating installations. The company offers construction of new or repair of old heating installations, and you can get a correct offer for the necessary materials, delivery time and installation costs.



Proper ventilation is an important factor for our health. The removal of unpleasant odors, smoke and steam is necessary for our comfort, both at the workplace and in domestic conditions. Air conditioners and ventilation Ltd. has its own production base for the production of ventilation equipment and accessories, thus offering a complete solution - from design, through production to installation of ventilation systems.

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