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Inverter air conditioner Treo CS-I24MS3

Inverter air conditioner Treo CS-I24MS3

2029,00 лв.

The Treo CS-I24MS3 inverter wall air conditioner features a new and stylish design, with high energy efficiency A++ in cooling mode and A+ in heating mode. The system works with the new refrigerant R32, which helps to protect the environment and also improves the technical performance of the air conditioner.


Wi-Fi Ready

The air conditioning system allows you to be controlled no matter where you are. Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, your home will always be perfectly air-conditioned. To use Wi-Fi control, you must purchase an optional Wi-Fi kit.

Powerful air flow

Thanks to the newly developed internal design of the indoor unit, the airflow can reach up to 18 meters to air condition every corner of the room.

Useful functions

Timer. Possibility to program a timer for automatic switching on and off of the air conditioner at a preselected time.

After a loss of electrical power, the air conditioning system will automatically turn on the last set mode and settings.

“Sleep” mode. This mode provides maximum comfort and peace throughout the night.

When “Turbo” mode is activated, the compressor starts working at maximum speed to provide the desired temperature faster. When it is reached, the compressor will operate in normal mode.

The climate system has an intelligent function for automatic defrosting of the outdoor unit at minus ambient temperatures.

The display of the air conditioning system has an integrated LED design that is hidden in the interior to ensure energy saving and comfortable sleep.

Self-diagnosis. Automatic detection of malfunctions in the air conditioning system. If there is one, the display will show an error code in the indoor unit of the air conditioner.

Thanks to the optional possibility of adding a Wi-Fi module, you will be able to control the air conditioning system through your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

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