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Inverter air conditioner Toshiba Super Daiseikai 9 RAS-13PKVPG-E / RAS-13PAVPG-E

Inverter air conditioner Toshiba Super Daiseikai 9 RAS-13PKVPG-E / RAS-13PAVPG-E

3390,00 лв.

Toshiba Super Daiseikai 9 inverter air conditioner RAS-13PKPG-E / RAS-13PAVPG-E from the Super Daiseikai 9 series of Toshiba inverter air conditioners challenges you with the highest standard of efficiency and comfort.


The Toshiba Super Daiseikai 9 RAS-13PKVPG-E / RAS-13PAVPG-E inverter air conditioner from Toshiba’s series of inverter air conditioners is a stylish, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly choice for home climate control.

High energy efficiency class

The Toshiba Super Daiseikai 9 hyper-inverter air conditioner range combines the company’s top technologies, offering one of the highest energy efficiency classes for both cooling and heating.

Air purification through ionization

The latest air purification technology utilized in Toshiba Super Daiseikai air conditioners ensures the health of your family. The polluted air is ionized by a plasma ion generator and absorbed by the heat exchanger. The self-cleaning function with low-density ozone removes all bacteria that typically remain after the air conditioner operates.

Dual-rotor compressor technology

Simultaneous rotation with two cylinders allows precise rotation of the compressor with minimal energy loss. As a result, the compressor offers a significant reduction in energy consumption while maintaining high power parameters. The enhanced DC dual-rotor compressor from the Toshiba Super Daiseikai hyper-inverter air conditioner range ensures stable results with minimal friction. This air conditioner is ideal for spaces where silence is crucial, as the sound from the outdoor unit is almost imperceptible.

DC hybrid inverter technology

The DC hybrid inverter technology, specially developed by Toshiba’s air conditioner engineers, manages and regulates the power produced by the inverter air conditioner. The hybrid inverter features both PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). The former technology assists in achieving the highest power levels, while the latter ensures the desired room temperature and high energy efficiency. The hybrid inverter system used in Toshiba’s inverter air conditioners combines the best of both technologies.

Heating at low outdoor temperatures

Toshiba’s advanced developments in compressor design and control enable all air conditioners from this brand to provide efficient and comfortable heating at outdoor temperatures down to -15°C.

Self-cleaning function

Like all Toshiba air conditioners, it features a self-cleaning function that reduces the moisture causing mold formation inside the unit. When the air conditioner is turned off, the internal fan turns on and dries the moisture in the heat exchanger before automatically shutting off.

Simultaneous control of two air conditioners

This function allows independent control of two air conditioners installed close to each other using a single remote control.

Air purification mode

This function enables you to purify and ionize the air, ensuring a clean and fresh environment indoors. Polluted air is purified and ionized by a plasma ion generator.

Plasma filter

The plasma purification filter removes harmful particles, neutralizes unpleasant odors, and prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants, ensuring a constant flow of clean and ionized air.

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