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Inverter air conditioner Midea MTI-48HWFNX-QRD0/MOE30U-48HFN8-RRD0

Inverter air conditioner Midea MTI-48HWFNX-QRD0/MOE30U-48HFN8-RRD0

5249,00 лв.

The Midea MTB-48HWFN1-QRD0 inverter duct air conditioner has a fresh air inlet, through which you will directly receive clean and healthy air in the air-conditioned room. The air conditioner has a high energy class for cooling A++ and heating A+. Works at extremely low temperatures of -15℃ for heating or cooling.


We present to you the three-phase inverter duct air conditioner Midea MTB-48HWFN1-QRD0 with a high energy class of cooling A++ and heating A+++. Midea air conditioners enable two indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit regardless of their capacity. Air ducts can be added to this series, through which fresh air will be drawn from the outside into the conditioned room for purified and healthy air.

Features and extras of the Midea MTB-48HWFN1-QRD0 inverter ducted air conditioner

Регулатор на статичното наляганеStatic pressure regulator – Using the switch on the control panel of the device, it is possible to manually adjust the external static pressure of the body.

Порт за алармена системаAlarm system port – When a malfunction is detected in the air conditioning system, an external alarm system is triggered, which signals an error and automatically stops the system operation.

Защита при изтичане на фреонRefrigerant leakage protection – When refrigerant leaks, the indoor unit of the air conditioner reports an error code and the air conditioner automatically stops working. In this way, the compressor is protected from damage caused by the high temperature when the refrigerant leaks.

Запаметяване позицията на клапитеSaving the position of the flaps – The air conditioner stores the last saved setting of the flaps and restores them when it is turned on.

Температурна компенсацияTemperature compensation – The temperature measured by the air conditioner sensor may differ from the temperature in another part of the room. Thanks to the “Temperature compensation” function, the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling is eliminated by mixing the different layers in the room.

Вход за свеж въздухFresh air intake – Outside air can be supplied through an additional ventilation duct. This ensures purified and fresh air in the air-conditioned room.

Топъл стартWarm Start – By activating the “Warm Start” function, the air conditioner automatically starts blowing warm air to ensure maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Охлаждане при ниски температуриCooling in low temperatures – The air conditioning system can operate in cooling mode even at an ambient temperature of -15°C.

Работа в авариен режимOperation in emergency mode – In the event of a system malfunction, the air conditioner displays an error code while continuing to operate without stopping. This allows the air conditioner to operate in an emergency mode of operation in the event that air conditioning is needed.

Кабелно дистанционно управлениеWired remote control – The wired remote control is mounted on the wall. It is mainly used in commercial establishments and offices and makes the control of the air conditioning system much easier and convenient, often adding additional functions to the control of the air conditioning system.

2 изхода за конденз2 condensate outlets – The drain pipe can be connected on the left and right side of the body, which greatly simplifies the installation.

24-часов таймер24-hour timer – The function allows you to set a given time interval within 24 hours, during which the air conditioner will automatically start working and automatically turn off.

Функция Follow MeFollow Me function – The remote control is equipped with a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the operation of the air conditioner depending on the temperature measured in the area of ​​the remote control.

Вградена кондензна помпаBuilt-in condensate pump – The built-in condensate pump can raise the condensate up to a maximum of 750mm.

Централно управлениеCentral control – With the central control you can control up to 64 indoor units. The control can be carried out individually or in groups. The maximum cable length is 1200m.

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