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Hitachi Akebono RAK25RXD/RAC-25WXD inverter air conditioner

Hitachi Akebono RAK25RXD/RAC-25WXD inverter air conditioner

2349,00 лв.

Hitachi Akebono RAK25RXD/RAC-25WXD inverter air conditioner from the Hitachi inverter air conditioner product range has high energy efficiency and modern design.Using the latest technology, the Nano-Titanium filter can capture particles 10,000 times finer than a human hair. The result is clean and healthy air.The filter coated with wasabi extract has an anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and deodorizing effect.


Inverter air conditioner Hitachi Akebono RAK25RXD/RAC-25WXD from the product range of Hitachi inverter air conditioners has high energy efficiency, modern design and is an excellent choice for air conditioning for your home.

Energy class A+++
The air conditioning systems of the Akebono range significantly exceed the efficiency of all other models. With Akebono, you really save every minute you use it.

Titanium filter Wasabi Nano Titanium filtration system deactivates up to 99% of bacteria.

iSee sensor
The iSee activity sensor allows energy consumption to adapt to the occupancy of the room where it is installed. This maintains a comfortable indoor environment and reduces unnecessary consumption, generating significant energy savings.

Individual control of the slats in 4 directions
The model is equipped with two separate motors to control the air direction in 4 directions. Set the desired direction from the remote control and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

HI-KUMO controller
HI-KUMO is a controller for controlling Hitachi air conditioners and heat pumps via smartphone or tablet. Through it you control the operating mode, desired temperature, fan speed, as well as timer settings and manage the temperature in the room.

One touch cleaning – this function dries the evaporator of the indoor unit,
to prevent the formation of mold and unpleasant odors. It is recommended to activate this function frequently after using cooling mode.

Silent mode
Hitachi air conditioners are designed to operate extremely quietly. Akebono series is among the quietest on the market – only 20dB. With Silent mode, with one press of the button, you can set an automatic silent mode setting.

Weekly timer
With the weekly timer, you can create up to 6 different settings for each day of the week. You can set a different operating mode, temperature and fan power at different times of the day. A convenience that can prepare the room temperature and save energy.

Vacation mode – when you leave home for a long period in winter, this function keeps the room temperature at 10°C. You can set this function for a period of 0 to 99 days, so you always keep the home at a comfortable temperature. After reaching the end of the period, the unit will return to work in the last selected mode. motorized flaps for vertical direction of the air flow from the remote control. 



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