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Gree GVH48AL / M6DNC7A column air conditioner – three-phase

Gree GVH48AL / M6DNC7A column air conditioner – three-phase

5503,00 лв.

The inverter column air conditioner Gree GVH48AL / M6DNC7A has energy class A++ for cooling and A+ for heating. It guarantees high power and reliable air conditioning for large premises up to 80 sq.m (supplied with three-phase current) such as restaurants and other larger premises.



Inverter column air conditioner Gree GVH48AH / K3DNC7A


Easy maintenance

The construction of the front panel of the inverter column air conditioner Gree GVH48AH / K3DNC7A and its design with side dismounting of the air filters make their cleaning extremely easy and convenient.Лесна поддръжка

Мощни и елегантни

Powerful and elegant

The Gree series of inverter column air conditioners allows the adjustment of the outgoing air in both vertical and horizontal directions. This, combined with the strong air jet, provides air conditioning at every point of the room.

Intuitive interface

Gree inverter column air conditioners are equipped with a touch interface on the indoor unit. This allows you, without using a remote control, to issue basic commands such as: on/off, temperature control when the air conditioner is running, operating mode and selection of output and air flow strength.

Интуитивен интерфейс

Висока мощност

High power

Designed with high power, the Gree GVH48AH / K3DNC7A inverter column air conditioner will satisfy the cooling and heating needs of any room. This is achieved thanks to highly efficient compressors working with a large-volume refrigeration system.


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